Luxury Hotels

With the way the economy stands right now, staying in a luxury hotel probably doesn’t sound like a good idea. On the other hand, you can always find an excuse for choosing more affordable accommodation. But what is luxury hotel in the first place? And is it enough to simply book a room in a five star hotel or are there other things that make the difference between luxury and nice?

There are some standards that must be followed to get the five-star rating and you generally can’t go wrong by choosing a five-star hotel. Nevertheless, the criteria for luxury are highly subjective and travellers who are used to premium hotels may be more difficult to please than those who usually don’t stay at the best hotels. We will therefore go through some factors other than five-star rating a luxury hotel must provide in order to be regarded as luxurious:


In order to meet the standards of the world’s finest hotels, extraordinary service is an imperative. The hotel’s service must be able to meet all guests’ needs and requirements. In other words, the hotel should be able to fulfil any wish you may have at any point of your stay (and beyond).


Obviously, a luxury hotel must offer a variety of the very best facilities from hot tubs to swimming pools, bars, golf stores, gourmet restaurants and other things needed to provide their guest with maximum comfort. The idea is to provide the guests with everything they may need on the hotel grounds.

Attention to Detail

Luxury has to speak for itself both inside and outside the hotel. And this is where luxury hotels truly stand out from the rest because they pay the highest level of attention to the slightest detail from décor to facilities and staff. This doesn’t only give them the luxury status but it also distinguishes them from other fine hotels in the vicinity.

Knowledgeable and Professional Staff

It isn’t just the perfect blend of style, premium quality and technology that make luxury hotels luxurious. Just as important, if not even more so, is knowledgeable and professional staff that takes each guest’s requirement very seriously and does their best to meet every requirement they may have.


Luxury goes hands in hand with the finest locations which is why luxury hotels are typically found on the best locations in a particular area which can either be proximity to local attractions or be an attraction on its own.