Hotel Star Ratings Explained

Hotels are traditionally categorised into five classes according to the star rating system, with the number of stars indicating the quality of facilities, service and hotel experience in overall. Below, we will discuss all five star ratings and what to expect from typical hotel in each star category:

1 Star

A typical one-star hotel is simple but clean and comfortable. It offers only the basic facilities which don’t necessarily include a private bathroom. It may also lack daily cleaning, phone, 24-hour reception, TV, etc. It will be small to medium-sized and located within a close distance of major attractions and moderately priced restaurants.

2 Stars

An average two-star hotel is clean, comfortable and modestly decorated. It offers the basic facilities including private bathroom and services such as daily cleaning and breakfast. A two-star hotel is usually smaller and managed by its owner. It is typically located near medium-priced attractions and dining. It may also include a limited-service restaurant but more commonly, there is no restaurant.

3 Stars

A three-star hotel meets most people’s needs and expectations. It typically offers generously sized rooms with decent bedding, while the overall décor is more stylish in comparison to two-star hotels. Usually, there is also an on-site restaurant, room service, a swimming pool, fitness centre and similar facilities and services that increase the level of comfort. A typical three-star hotel is located near major attractions.

4 Stars

A four-star hotel offers a high level of comfort and lots of style and attention to detail. Both the facilities and service are above the average. There is usually at least one on-site restaurant, 24-hour room service and lots of things to do on the hotel grounds such as golfing, playing tennis, relaxing in a spa, etc. Most four-star hotels are located near similar class hotels and nearby fine dining, shopping and major attractions.

5 Stars

A five-star hotel offers pure luxury when it comes to both service and facilities. You can expect exquisite décor and furnishing, the highest quality service and professional staff working hard to meet any requirement you may have. Also, a five-star hotel is situated on a prestige location which can either be in the heart of the city centre or away from the hustle and bustle.

5 Stars +

There are also a few hotels with a rating 5 stars +. Examples include the famous Burj Al Arab in Dubai and the Town House Galleria in Milan, both of which are rated as seven-star hotels.


Please note that hotel star rating varies greatly from one country to another and even from region to region, and that there are no internationally accepted hotel rating standards.