Budget Hotels

Are you simply looking for a decent place perhaps for stag or hen parties with the basic facilities that are clean and not too expensive? If so, you are probably a good candidate for budget hotels. They are very popular with the travellers who enjoy visiting new places but don’t want to spend too much on their trips. These travellers usually spend most of the time outside the hotel, exploring the attractions and meeting new people. As a result, they really don’t need much other than a cosy bed and the standard washing facilities.

What to Expect from a Budget Hotel

Obviously, you shouldn’t expect much from a budget hotel. They are often housed in older buildings in the need of repair, while the rooms typically don’t include much other than the bed, a wardrobe and perhaps a desk. Bathrooms usually come with the room but in some budget hotels, you may need to share the bathroom with other guests. Other than perhaps a simple breakfast, low-cost hotels usually charge for any additional service. Sometimes even air conditioning is considered an additional service. The good news is that even the most inexpensive hotels are typically clean although worn fixtures may make the impression that they aren’t as clean as they should be.

How Much Can You Save by Choosing a Budget Hotel

Budget hotels are popular with the travellers for one single reason – low cost because they are considerably less expensive than higher class hotels. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean budget hotels are cheap. By staying in a budget hotel, you will without a doubt save a decent amount of money but how much you will save depends greatly on where you’re planning to travel. Rooms in cities such as London, Paris and New York, and popular resort destinations are quite expensive even if you’re staying in a cheap hotel.

Useful Advice on Choosing a Budget Hotel

Although every traveller who is looking for a budget hotel is above all interested in savings, you are highly recommended never to choose a hotel on the basis of the price alone. Even if you’re out from breakfast to late evening, it is highly important to know that you’re awaited by a simple yet clean and decent room.

To make sure that you are getting a good value for your money, you are recommended to take some time for research of accommodation in your chosen destination on the world wide web. There are many travel websites with photos and detailed descriptions of hotels in particular locations, while many also feature traveller’s reviews which offer a great insight into both the good and bad of particular places.

Lastly, be very careful about location of the hotel. Some hotels are inexpensive not because they old and simple but because they are far from places of interest. As a result, it can be very costly to explore the local attractions, not to mention that you’re losing a lot of time just to get somewhere.